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Who is Foobar Fusion?

Foobar Fusion is a small business based in central and southeastern Ohio aimed at providing affordable computer services to other small businesses. Being a small business, we understand the costs and frustrations of trying to compete with larger businesses for market share.

You might ask yourself "Wouldn't it be better for me to hire a larger company?"

As companies grow larger, the harder it becomes for them to provide good customer service. Just try to find the right person to help you on the phone in a huge corporation. Being a small business allows us to provide you with great service and support. More importantly, being a small business, we realize that our livelihood is based on keeping you as a valued customer. That's why at Foobar Fusion, we will always strive to make you as happy to be our customer as we are to have your business and confidence.

What can Foobar Fusion do for you?

A better question might be "What can't we do for you?" We offer a number of services including:

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